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New Monograph: LHRH, Agonists and Antagonists

08. Dec 2011

The new product monograph 'LHRH' gives you an overview of BachemĀ“s offer of LHRH (GnRH) sequences, agonists, antagonists, and immunology products.
This revised edition has been enriched with clickable product deeplinks leading directly to the respective products in our Online Shop.

LHRH (luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone) is a decapeptide hormone which is synthesized in neurosecretory cells within the hypothalamus and released in a pulsatile fashion into the pituitary portal circulation. Since it controls the secretion of the gonadotropins LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) from the anterior pituitary gland, it is also designated as GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone). Pulsatile secretion is essential for reproductive functions, sexual development, and differentiation. Prolonged non-pulsatile administration of LHRH results in a down-regulation of LH and FSH secretion from the anterior pituitary gland, followed by a suppression of gonadal steroid synthesis. This effect, which is shared by longer-acting GnRH agonists, is used for the treatment of hormone-dependent breast and prostate cancers but also for the treatment of endometriosis and precocious puberty. In reproductive medicine, continuous administration of LHRH agonists serves to prevent a premature LH surge prior to stimulation of ovulation. In this monograph Bachem presents its LHRH agonists and antagonists for endocrinological research and its generic APIs in this field.