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Non-Peptidic Biochemicals

In addition to peptides and amino acid derivatives, Bachem offers a choice of other biochemicals used in research. This line of products includes, amongst other non-peptidic biochemicals, a wide range of detergents, lipids and phospholipids, indigogenic substrates and platelet activating factor (PAF) and analogs.
Bachem has a long lasting experience in producing these compounds. Some of them are offered exclusively by Bachem.



We are able to provide you with a number of hard-to-find detergents of the highest quality. Amongst them alkanoyl-N-methylglucamides (MEGA-8, MEGA-9 and MEGA-10); these non-ionic detergents combine a high solubilization power with non-denaturizing properties. Their easy removal by dialysis makes them valuable tools for membrane studies. Further examples in this product line are our oligoethyleneglycol-monoalkylethers for the solubilization and structural characterization of integral membrane proteins.


Lipids and Phospholipids / Antitumor Phospholipids

Bachem offers a choice of about 60 lipids, phospholipids and antitumor phospholipids for a number of applications in research.


Indigogenic Substrates

Indoxyl esters and glycosides are often used chromogenic substrates in histochemistry. An indigoid dye is generated by the action of the enzyme. Its absorption maximum is determined by the nature and position of the indoxyl substituents.