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Our catalogs and brochures present a choice of peptides for research and products for peptide synthesis. You also find information about our offer of generic APIs and related services to the pharma and biotech industries.

Amino Acids, Peptides and Biochemicals


Our 2017 main catalog includes more than 6500 products and 13635 pack sizes for research and peptide synthesis.

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NCEs (Japanese Version)
(pdf, 3 MB) Bachem
Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
Tips and tricks from the experts at Bachem
(pdf, 2 MB) Bachem
Solid Phase Synthesis on SASRIN
A review of the diverse applications of SASRIN resin in SPPS including many useful procedures
(pdf, 5 MB) Bachem
Welcome to the World of Peptides
Insights into the peptide chemistry of Bachem
(pdf, 1 MB) Bachem