Acting ethically

For Bachem, ethically correct behavior and integrity are essential for lasting business success. The professional and personal integrity of the Group’s employees is a prerequisite for meeting the high-quality standards of all stakeholders. Bachem’s principles of ethical behavior and integrity are binding on all staff, are set down in writing, and are applied without exception. This applies in particular to staff with customer or supplier facing roles, such as sales and procurement staff.



Bachem’s Code of Conduct sets the basis for the behavior which we demonstrate day by day. This Code of Conduct forms an integral part of the terms of employment of everyone at Bachem, and it applies to all officers, employees and directors within the Bachem Group.
All Bachem staff regardless of functional level are required to undergo training on the Code of Conduct and ethical behavior in business when entering the company. The training is mandatory and repeated annually. For more information, see the code of conduct training video:


Sustainable Procurement

It is one of our main sustainability ambitions to realize opportunities for sustainable development through our procurement activities. Our supplying partners are essential companions on the journey towards fulfilling this mission. Bachem’s Sustainable Procurement approach is governed by the Bachem Global Code of Conduct (CoC) for Supplying Partners. It is based on international standards and encompasses fundamental commitments and the minimum set of ethical standards we follow in our business practices, and Bachem expects its partners to meet. Partners who are being evaluated within the framework of Bachem’s vendor qualification program are requested to sign the CoC for Supplying Partners. Also, it is a binding document listed in our General Terms and Conditions to which every purchase order placed by Bachem refers.

The guidelines and principles stated in our Sustainable Procurement Commitment aim to enhance sustainability in procurement by adopting and incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles into our procurement processes and decisions while ensuring that the requirements of our organization and our stakeholders are met. In combination with Bachem’s Global Code of Conduct for Supplying Partners, this Commitment ensures that procurement activities are based on collaborative relationships that create sustainable value for all stakeholders.


Global Code of Conduct for Supplying Partners

Sustainable Procurement Commitment


Corruption and Fair Competition

In order to omit corrupt practices, to compete fairly as a company, and to adhere to integrity, governance, and responsible business conduct, Bachem employees are trained on employment and regularly in a behavior precluding corruption and bribery. By that training the Group wants to make sure, that the employees do not encourage or solicit gifts or personal advantages of any kind from any third party, avoid situations where their personal interests may conflict with the interests of Bachem and will inform the responsible line manager if any unsolicited conflict of interest arises. And as a company, Bachem does not grant any advantage or concession if it is not in line with local law or custom or not properly accounted for and financially registered. Bachem does not give nor request nor accept any illegal rebate, kickback payments, any “unofficial” payments or any form of improper gift or favor. In 2020, no confirmed incidents of corruption were registered and no legal actions were pending or completed regarding anti-competitive behavior or violations of anti-trust and monopoly legislation.


Legal Compliance and Respect for Human Rights

Bachem obliges all employees to obey all laws and regulations applicable to its activities as well as with its internal guidelines. Bachem believes in the dignity of every human being and in respecting individual rights. The company is well aware of the importance of the UK Modern Slavery Act. The annually published MSA statement explains Bachem’s commitment to continuously preventing any form of modern slavery or human trafficking within its organization and supply chain. Bachem respects and complies with the principles expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. To that end all employees are trained on employment and regularly in human rights policies and procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to the Group’s operations. The trainings cover topics like information security, discrimination and harassment as well as whistleblowing. In 2020, no significant fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations in the social, economic or environmental area were filed. For environmental laws and regulations and the corresponding training see the according paragraph above.


Stakeholder Dialogue

Maintaining a dialogue with people or groups having an interest in Bachem and that can either affect or be affected by the Group’s business is in the company’s own interest, but also a sign of taking responsibility in and for the surrounding community. Bachem looks and acts beyond company boundaries and involve its key stakeholders in an ongoing transparent, accurate, open and honest dialogue. Bachem’s memberships with organizations for mutual benefit are currently evaluated, taking into account the stakeholder analysis carried out in 2019. 



As a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, Bachem sets high standards on the quality of product it delivers to customers. Bachem’s manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Switzerland comply with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards of regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Swissmedic (Switzerland) and undergo regular inspection. For more information on GMP-compliant production, please visit the respective section of the website: (



Customer Centricity & Service is a key strategic foundation for Bachem. We are a key part of the global supply chain for medicines with close collaborations existing with 2/3 of the 20 largest biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. Bachem’s partnership approach is focused on building long-term relationships, some of these client relationships extend to twenty years. Bachem’s cooperation with customers frequently extends beyond the provision of product and includes such diverse areas such as technology cooperation, accompanying regulatory approval processes for medicines and shared investment into facilities. Bachem has begun surveying customers on their satisfaction, and has established a Customer Experience expert within its Sales & Marketing organization and will expand this approach from 2022 onwards.

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