What Are The Benefits of Partnering With a CDMO?

Pharmaceutical companies contend with numerous challenges, including the imperative to invest in equipment, technology and expertise. They must meet the requirements of expansive global supply chains while concurrently reducing costs without jeopardising product quality and patient safety. 

With the help of outsourcing drug manufacturing CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organisations), pharmaceutical companies have access to additional capacity or technological capabilities beyond their in-house resources. This strategic outsourcing approach helps with risk mitigation by engaging a secondary supplier for manufacturing needs.

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What are the benefits of choosing to partner with a CDMO?


From gaining access to highly experienced teams to scaling up production and speeding up time to market, collaborating with leading CDMOs, like Bachem, offers several advantages for your company. Take a look below at what can be achieved. 


Work with highly-experienced professionals

 Working alongside a CDMO affords you the chance to work with highly experienced professionals. In fact, partnering with a CDMO provides access to a team of skilled experts in various fields, such as formulation development, process optimization, and quality assurance. These professionals bring a wealth of experience and specialized expertise, ensuring that your pharmaceutical project receives top-tier guidance and execution. You also do not need to worry about increasing payroll costs, making it a cost-effective option. 


Easily scale up production 

 Introducing a new drug variant or adjusting production volume to accommodate rising demand poses a potential risk to a project, as it may lead to challenges in meeting production deadlines or maintaining consistent quality. That said, a CDMO’s scale-up support serves to mitigate these risks and streamline lead times, ensuring a more seamless transition in drug production.

CDMOs bring specialized expertise and resources, allowing pharmaceutical companies to expand manufacturing capabilities without the need for significant investments in infrastructure, technology or personnel. This collaborative approach enables pharmaceutical companies to meet increased demand, introduce new drug variations, and navigate production challenges with confidence, ultimately enhancing flexibility and optimizing the overall efficiency of the drug development and manufacturing journey.


Leading the octreotide scale up

New therapies such as oral formulations promise better disease control and quality of life for patients but require 30-60 times higher octreotide acetate concentrations, thus putting demand on complex API manufacturers to cost-effectively scale production.


Access to state-of-the-art equipment

 The production of diverse drug forms demands an array of costly equipment. Partnering with a CDMO minimizes or eradicates the necessity to construct and manage pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, as well as make substantial investments in expensive machinery. 

CDMOs continuously invest in cutting-edge technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry. This access to advanced technology ensures that drug development and production processes benefit from the most innovative tools, contributing to higher quality, scalability, and competitiveness in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.


Receive support with regulations

Teaming up with a CDMO offers invaluable support when it comes to navigating the intricate regulatory landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. CDMOs boast extensive experience and expertise in adhering to stringent regulatory requirements. Their dedicated regulatory affairs teams assist throughout the drug development process, from initial formulation to final production. This support includes the preparation of comprehensive documentation, ensuring compliance with diverse global regulations. 

The CDMO’s proactive approach streamlines regulatory submissions, facilitating efficient approval processes with health authorities. Their unparalleled assistance not only alleviates the regulatory burden on pharmaceutical companies but also enhances the probability of successful regulatory outcomes, ultimately expediting the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products with confidence and compliance.


Speed up time to market

 Another benefit of partnering with a CDMO is the speed at which they are able to get the product to market. CDMOs possess specialized knowledge and advanced infrastructure, helping to progress through crucial stages of drug development and manufacturing quickly. With dedicated teams and cutting-edge facilities, they optimize formulation processes, ensuring efficient production. In fact, their established procedures and risk mitigation strategies contribute to a streamlined development timeline, minimizing unexpected delays. 


Improve your sustainability 

 CDMOs also offer notable benefits in terms of improved sustainability. Equipped with specialized expertise, CDMOs prioritize environmentally responsible practices throughout the drug development and manufacturing lifecycle. Their commitment to green chemistry principles reduces the use of hazardous substances and minimizes waste generation. 

By sharing resources and leveraging economies of scale, CDMOs enhance operational efficiency, contributing to a reduced ecological footprint. Furthermore, many CDMOs, like Bachem, invest in sustainable technologies, aligning with industry-wide sustainability initiatives

Pharmaceutical companies partnering with CDMOs not only access advanced capabilities but also often champion a greener and more sustainable approach to drug development, addressing environmental concerns and meeting the evolving expectations of eco-conscious stakeholders.

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Why choose Bachem as your CDMO partner?

Choosing Bachem as your CDMO partner ensures a strategic alliance with a globally renowned industry leader. With decades of experience, Bachem brings unparalleled expertise in peptide and oligonucleotide development. Our commitment to innovation, advanced technologies, and sustainable practices sets us apart.  

Bachem’s state-of-the-art facilities, skilled professionals, and robust quality systems guarantee precision and excellence in every stage of the drug development process. 

Please reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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