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Bachem - peptide manufacturer

Corporate Responsibility

As with any company or organization, a set of values defines the way we work and the way we act as a constant quality in an ever changing world. Whatever the situation or task involved, these beliefs and values make up the ethical character of a company and help characterize its standards and its position in both society and the world of business around it.


Bachem’s Code of Conduct sets the basis for the behavior which we demonstrate day by day. Bachem has traditionally maintained a clear and high standard of corporate responsibility, standing by its values of integrity, honesty and fairness in running its global business. Consequently, Bachem makes its decisions always with the following aspects of corporate responsibility in mind:

  • Serving our customers with high quality products and services
  • Providing value to our shareholders
  • Being a safe responsible employer to our staff
  • Protecting the environment around us
  • Complying with both government laws and regulatory authorities

Bachem as a public company offers a transparent reporting of its half-year and annual results to investors and analysts and maintains the goal to be a leading and profitable player in its business. Additionally, Bachem returns a significant dividend to its faithful shareholders, appreciating and valuing their right to choose and expectation of an appropriate return on their investment.


Bachem’s customers are the lifeblood of its business and we strive to offer the highest quality products and services to the life-science industry. As part of the Bachem business model, the company supports the development of new medicines and drugs all the way from their early stage inception and development, onward to their clinical testing and market approval and finally in their later life cycle as mature or generic products. Bachem operates to c-GMP standards to ensure absolute quality assurance and control of its manufacturing processes.

Between the required raw materials and our final products is the diligent and professional work of our employees. Only by maintaining a high standard and quality of staff can Bachem compete in the global marketplace and innovate to serve the future needs of the industry. Therefore, Bachem seeks to provide a motivated and positively minded workforce who give their best every day and feel proud to work for Bachem. The company adheres to its principles of fairness and honesty as well as offering employees an attractive working environment and compensation model.


Our efforts to increase safety at the workplace, to improve the health protection of employees and to protect the environment in the Bachem Group are based on two fundamental beliefs: We regard safe workplaces without any risk to health and a careful handling of resources, as well as the avoidance of environmental risks, as a precondition for the long-term commercial success of our company. As part of our voluntary commitment to the Responsible Care Program of the chemical industry, we compile annual statistics for international standardized figures on occupational safety and environmental impact at our largest production sites in Bubendorf and Vionnaz (Switzerland) and also in Torrance (USA).

Bachem Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


About this statement

Modern slavery is an emerging global issue that businesses need to be alert to and prepared to address. Bachem expects that employees and suppliers will reject modern slavery.


This statement is made pursuant to section 54, Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, with respect to the financial year ending December 31, 2016, and sets out the steps that Bachem has taken to help ensuring that modern slavery and human trafficking does not occur in our business operations or within our supply chain.


This statement has been approved by Bachem Holding AG board of directors and will be reviewed and updated annually.


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