A New Turn in Peptide Purification Webinar

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A New Turn in Peptide Purification Webinar

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Purification of peptides is a challenging task, especially of diverse peptide libraries, due to their potentially broad distribution in physico-chemical properties. The Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology is universally applicable and enables the efficient and innovative manufacturing of new peptide based drug modalities.

PEC increases the speed of peptide development since it can be used for parallel purifications, whereas high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) only allows one-by-one processing of single samples. In addition, PEC is an orthogonal approach to chromatographic separation, facilitating the purification of difficult peptides; by using PEC methodology, aggregation or precipitation can be prevented and increased solubility in organic solvents is achieved.

As a result of our continued collaboration, development of the linker molecules was achieved by Belyntic, with Bachem assisting as an industry partner for early testing on pharmaceutically relevant peptides.

Our combined desire to innovate peptide manufacturing demonstrates that Bachem is the optimum partner for API development, closely supported by Belyntic for all PEC requirements.

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