Boulder Peptide Symposium 2021

Boulder Peptide Symposium 2021

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The only conference focused solely on the pharmaceutical development of peptide therapeutics.  For 16 years, the Boulder Peptide Symposium has been the meeting for scientific and industrial applications of peptides.  BPS is the meeting place to accelerate drugs to market and lengthen lifecycles for long-term profitability.  Find new partners, new drug delivery technologies, and new formulation development strategies.  All while hearing cutting-edge talks from today’s industrial and scientific leaders in peptide science.

Bachem Sponsored Presentation


Matteo Villain, Ph.D., Vice President of CMC Development

Matteo joined Bachem in 2004 as Director of Research. During his career at Bachem Americas he covered both the position of VP of R&D responsible for process development, and VP of Manufacturing responsible for commercial production. In his current position as VP of CMC Development, he supports Bachem customers in identifying the activities assuring a successful CMC development. Matteo holds a Doctorate in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from University of Milano, School of Pharmacy.


Continuous Chromatography of Peptides: Leading the Innovation in Peptide Manufacturing and Purification

The current modus operandi for the downstream processing of synthetic peptides is reversed phase chromatography performed in batch mode. Continuous chromatography is expected to be a disruptive technology for this very cost intensive part of synthetic peptide manufacturing. Results from recent studies and thoughts regarding the control strategy will be discussed.

October 27th, 1:30pm

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