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We are very happy that we managed another time hosting Enzytag as a speaker for our webinar, presenting how peptiligases are selected and engineered to achieve highest efficacy in the synthesis of specific linear and cyclic peptide drugs and drug conjugates.

Bachem has unique capabilities in the area of solid phase, hybrid, and solution phase peptide chemistry of therapeutic peptides. We are passionate about innovation with a strong focus on realizing value in all areas of the company. As we are convinced that Enzytag’s innovative technology offers substantial advantages regarding efficiency, and towards greener manufacturing, we are proud to host them for this webinar.

Expand your knowledge about the peptiligases and their optimization possibilities in this webinar presented by Dr. Leendert van den Bos, the Co-Founder at Enzytag. Interested?

If you missed our first webinar with Enzytag, please watch our YouTube webinar record to learn about the basics of their “Chemo Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis” or “CEPS”.



Leendert van den Bos
Dr. Leendert van den Bos obtained his M.Sc.- and Ph.D.-degree in bio-organic chemistry from Leiden University. In 2007, he joined Organon BioSciences as a Scientist and worked subsequently for Schering-Plough, Merck Sharp & Dohme and Aspen Pharmacare mostly in the field of Process Research & Development. In 2018 he co-founded EnzyTag focusing on the development of chemo-enzymatic processes for complex peptide API’s. Leendert holds an Executive MBA from Nyenrode University



Seamus White
Seamus White is a Business Development Manager at Bachem Bubendorf. He is located in Northern Ireland and is the primary contact for our partners in the UK and Ireland in the area of GMP peptide API manufacture and development. In his role, he supports our customers through all phases of their project – from preclinical research and IND enabling toxicology studies to process validation and commercialization. Seamus has been with Bachem since 2020, and prior to this he held positions in Global Procurement, Supplier Management, Lead Auditor and also has API Development and Manufacturing experience with a major Pharma. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with Pharmacology and is a chartered Procurement Professional.

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