Chemo Enzymatic Ligation

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Chemo Enzymatic Ligation

Bachem is excited to be hosting Enzytag as a speaker for our latest webinar, showing how peptiligases enable a more economical manufacturing of specific linear and cyclic peptide drugs as well as (bio)conjugates.

Bachem has unique capabilities in the area of solid phase, hybrid, and solution phase peptide chemistry of therapeutic peptides. We are passionate about innovation with a strong focus on realizing value in all areas of the company.

As we are convinced that Enzytag’s innovative technology offers substantial advantages regarding efficiency, and towards greener manufacturing, we are proud to host them for this webinar.

Learn about the basics of their peptide synthesis technology (“Chemo Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis” or “CEPS”) in this webinar presented by Dr. Leendert van den Bos, the Co-Founder at Enzytag. Interested?

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