From idea to application – enabling better peptide drugs. A start-up story about Belyntic.

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From idea to application – enabling better peptide drugs. A start-up story about Belyntic.

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Purification is not only paramount for achieving a high purity, it is a major determinant for the productivity of the whole manufacturing process of APIs. That’s why the Berlin-based start-up Belyntic has taken a journey from an idea to improve peptide drug purification to founding a chemical company offering an innovative peptide manufacturing solution.

The idea was born within the circle of three friends that wanted to do something different at the end of their chemistry PhDs. The vision was that the new company should offer a chromatography-free peptide manufacturing solution. For that they invented the Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology. With this idea and together with a fourth founder, complementing the team with experience in business administration, the Belyntic story began.

Please join our webinar which will take you through this journey from how the idea sparked, through how Belyntic prepared for market entry and plan their future growth.


Robert Zitterbart, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Head of R&D at Belyntic GmbH, The Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) Technology

Dr. Robert Zitterbart is Co-Founder and Head of R&D at Belyntic GmbH, Berlin. At Belyntic GmbH he is focusing on developing linker systems to purify and modify peptides. Robert Zitterbart has almost a decade of experience in the development of peptide purification technologies. After his diploma work in the group of K. Peter C. Vollhardt at the University of California, Berkeley, he earned his Ph.D. at Humboldt-University, Berlin in the group of Oliver Seitz. During his scientific career, Robert Zitterbart has successfully published many articles in peer reviewed journals.


Gavin Noble, Ph.D.

Process Optimisation Chemist

Dr Gavin T. Noble is the Process Optimisation Chemist at Bachem UK St Helens and had the leading role at Bachem in the investigation of the PEC platform. At Bachem UK his primary focus is undertaking and coordinating investigations into new production methods for research-grade peptide manufacture, as well as supporting the Synthesis and Purification groups in a troubleshooting capacity. He has been employed at Bachem since 2014 and spent 3 months at Bachem Bubendorf in 2015 as part of a know-how exchange program, working in R&D I as a Project Chemist.

Prior to his position at Bachem, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at The University of Notre Dame (USA), researching peptide-targeted liposome nanoparticles for cancer and antimalarial therapies. He obtained his Ph.D. from The University of Manchester (UK), performing research into protein and enzyme activity at synthetic liposome surfaces. He has published several peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals during both his academic studies and career at Bachem.

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