Japanese Peptide Symposium

Japanese Peptide Symposium

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The Japanese Peptide Symposium is the largest conference on peptides in Japan organized by The Japanese Peptide Society.

The 59th Japanese Peptide Symposium will be held this year, covering a wide range of peptide science from basic to applied sciences and providing a forum for the presentation of the latest research results. Since the conference is held in English, researchers from Europe, the U.S., Asia, and Oceania gather to exchange information on an international scale, making it an excellent venue for building a global research network and communication. Peptides are key materials in the field of industrial chemistry, not only in the life science field such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and agrochemicals, but also as materials with various functions. Therefore, The Japanese Peptide Symposium brings together many researchers active in various fields in industry, academia, and government to actively exchange opinions. In addition, many young researchers, graduate students and undergraduates who will lead peptide science in the future will participate in the conference.

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