Molecular Hiving technology™

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Molecular Hiving technology™


In this Bachem webinar, the speaker will guide you through the individual steps for synthesis of peptides applying Molecular Hiving™ technology. This approach is a tag-assisted liquid-phase peptide synthesis technology developed by Professor Kazuhiro Chiba at Tokyo University of Technology and Agriculture.

You will learn about the scalability and the substantial advantages of this technology regarding efficiency and towards greener manufacturing, as solvent consumption and material requirements are significantly reduced compared to conventional SPPS processes. Molecular Hiving™ also allows the synthesis of peptides without the use of solvents and reagents which are carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic to reproduction (CMR substances). This makes peptide products manufactured by this technology highly attractive for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Bachem and its partner Jitsubo CO., LTD. signed of an exclusive Licensing Agreement for Jitsubo’s Molecular Hiving™ technology. Under the License agreement, Jitsubo develops selected manufacturing processes using their Molecular Hiving™ technology and transfer these processes to Bachem. Further optimizes, scale up and produce for commercial applications is done at Bachem.



Dr. Wolfgang Seufert

Director Production III – Process Development, Bachem



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