Webinar ‘No more DMF: greener solid-phase peptide synthesis with binary solvents’

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Webinar ‘No more DMF: greener solid-phase peptide synthesis with binary solvents’

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In collaboration with Novo Nordisk we identified more environmentally benign and less hazardous alternatives to N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) in solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS): mixtures of two green solvents (binary solvents).

Learn in this webinar how the polarity and viscosity profiles of binary solvents can be used to predict their utility for producing different peptides by SPPS.

Furthermore, you will see that the sole variation of the composition of the binary solvent mixture represents an unprecedented possibility to calibrate solvent to aid individual steps in SPPS.


Sandip Jadhav, Ph.D.
Project Chemist R&D at Bachem

Dr. Sandip Jadhav works as R&D project chemist for Bachem. He obtained his PhD in peptide chemistry from IISER-Pune, India. During his post-doctoral studies, he gained expertise regarding the utility of peptides in tissue engineering and in peptide modulators for aggregation-prone proteins. Prior to joining Bachem, he worked as research scientist at a university exploring the applications of peptides in nanomedicine and bio-printing.


Mirko Lotz, Ph.D.
Group Leader Science Marketing at Bachem

Dr. Mirko Lotz is Group Leader Science Marketing at Bachem. After earning a degree in biotechnology, he obtained his PhD from the Goethe University of Frankfurt for the structural determination of membrane proteins. Prior to joining Bachem in 2016, he worked as a consultant for R&D funding and as a business development engineer in the polymer industry. Promoting innovative technologies for the greener manufacturing of peptides and oligonucleotides at Bachem is part of his daily work now.



Daniel Sejer Pedersen
Senior Development Scientist at Novo Nordisk

Dr. Daniel Sejer Pedersen is Senior Development Scientist in CMC Chemical Development at Novo Nordisk focusing on GMP manufacturing for phase 3 clinical trials and the development of new manufacturing technologies since 2018. He obtained his MSc and PhD degrees in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Copenhagen and Cambridge University, respectively. Daniel has held several positions at Universities and in industry and was an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen from 2010 to 2018.


Dr. Carolin Lechner
Director of the R&D III department at Bachem

Carolin Lechner is director of the R&D III department at Bachem. She obtained her diploma in biochemistry from the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and PhD in the field of peptide and protein chemistry from the Technische Universität München, Germany. After her postdoctoral studies in chemical biology at EPFL (Switzerland) she joined Bachem in 2016. With her team, she is mainly focusing on early phase peptide NCE development as well as GMP manufacturing of late phase peptide APIs.

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