Webinar ‘Towards more sustainable supply chain​’

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Webinar ‘Towards more sustainable supply chain​’

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Ensuring responsible sourcing of our goods and services is paramount for continuous improvement of our performance as outlined in our Corporate Social Responsibility framework.

Learn more about our initiatives directed at making our supply chain more sustainable and resilient.

We will talk about our supplier sustainability assessments and responsible sourcing of palm oil as an integral part of our sustainable procurement approach and our extended greenhouse gas emissions accounting activities.


Santal Chamberlin
Sustainability Manager SCM at Bachem AG

As Bachem’s Supply Chain sustainability manager Santal Chamberlin implements and coordinates initiatives directed at making Bachem’s supply chain more sustainable and resilient. She joined Bachem in 2021 taking on this newly implemented role. She holds a MSc in Sustainable Development from the University of Basel and has experience in socially responsible sourcing of raw materials acquired in the consumer goods industry.

Franz A. Saladin
CSR Compliance Manager at Bachem AG

Franz Saladin, Bachem’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Compliance Manager, is responsible for reporting the sustainability of the Bachem group worldwide. Besides this appointment, Franz runs his own consulting company, Saladin Public Affairs.  After earning a diploma in Chemistry at the University of Basel in 1992, he worked for his Ph.D. on the photochemical storage of concentrated solar energy at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland and as a postdoc at the Australian National University.

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