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Webinar ‘Oligonucleotide & Peptide Market Trends – choosing a partner CDMO’

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Webinar ‘Oligonucleotide & Peptide Market Trends – choosing a partner CDMO’

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Peptide and oligonucleotide drugs are versatile therapeutics with a growing range of applications and many similarities in terms and of manufacturing and regulation. New formulations often increase the complexity of the products and demand innovative solutions. Partnering with an experienced CDMO can support drug developers’ manufacturing needs and allow them to focus on the core of their developments.


Tycho Leifels, Ph.D.
Group Leader Product Management at Bachem

Tycho Leifels is an experienced life science portfolio professional with a successful record of leading business development and pipeline strategy. His broad expertise is based on 17 years in various commercial roles with increasing responsibilities in the life science industry including successful international product launches and managing the portfolio towards higher profitability. He holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Basel.


Daniel Grotzky, Ph.D.
Head of Group Communication at Bachem

Daniel Grotzky is Head of Group Communication at Bachem with responsibilities for internal and external communications and investor relations. Daniel joined the company in mid-2021. He has a strong track record of communications in the life science industry, with over a decade of experience in various communications leadership roles at the biopharmaceutical and diagnostics company Roche. He holds an M.A. and PhD in political science from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich.

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