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Peptide Trends April Edition 2015


Bachem is participating in TIDES 2015. TIDES provides you with more in-depth case studies, new data presentations and cutting-edge strategies than ever before to help accelerate your product development.

Bachem‘s pipeline contains more than 150 customer projects in (pre)clinical phases. They all have promising potential: in the last two years, a number of products in phase III trials received marketing authorization and phase II projects progressed to phase III clinical trials. Our services include pegylated peptides, peptides for conjugated NCEs and sterile fill and finish (Clinalfa®).

A new service in our portfolio is the selective chemical glycosylation. The technology is applicable to large scale and has the potential to be applied to a variety of peptides, where we can pioneer the concept of improving current and future drugs. We invite you to drop by our booth 210 or you may contact us to schedule a meeting at TIDES

Our Business Development Executives would be glad to present details of our capabilities. We have the capacity to produce peptide APIs in quantities of hundreds of kilograms and small molecules in tens of tons per year.

Our GMP manufacturing facilities are located in Switzerland and the United States and are regularly inspected by the FDA and local authorities.





Glyco Peptides: How many glycans are available for modifying your peptide?


A.) 5


C.) > 50


Don`t tell anyone, here is a little >>hint 




Submit the correct answer to by 12:01 am Los Angeles time on Monday, May 18, 2015 for your chance to win a Bachem mobile battery pack. 



Last Month's Winner


Congratulations to Dr. Andrea Calderan!

Andrea is since 1984 a scientist researcher at the Padova unit of the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of the Italian National Research Council. His scientific interests involve the study of peptides and proteins, with the aim of determining the relationship between the biological activity and the secondary structure of natural or synthetic molecules. In particular, he has a considerable experience in the field of peptide chemistry, dealing mainly of chemical synthesis (in solid- and liquid-phase) of biologically active peptides and their conformational characterization, using different techniques (fluorescence, circular dichroism, IR, NMR).




Bachem peptides and biochemicals are frequently cited in research publications. View a selection of recent articles that cite Bachem peptides.


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