B Brave – Our Commitment

Dear Valued Reader,

In these extremely challenging times, it is important for me to share my support and solidarity with you and your family. To contain and ultimately overcome the COVID-19 health crisis is a challenging task and affects all of us in our private life, daily work and social interaction with others.

We at Bachem are facing this extraordinary situation with our full commitment to our partners and the patients that depend on drugs and uninterrupted API supply.

In this health crisis, our actions are guided by the following principles:

  • The protection of our employees, customers and partners against long-term consequences of the pandemic is our main concern.
  • We strive to achieve uninterrupted supply of API for marketed therapeutics and clinical development, which will treat millions of patients all over the world today and tomorrow.
  • We proudly participate in several projects that target COVID-19 infections.

All Bachem sites remain fully operative! We are extremely proud of our teams and grateful that they come on site every day to ensure business continuity, and hence secure uninterrupted API supply.

Together we will win the fight against COVID-19!

We are here for you.

Very kind regards and please stay healthy,




Thomas Meier, CEO

Bachem Holding AG