Difficult start to first half-year of 2010 for the Bachem Group

August 20, 2010
  • Postponed assignments and orders slow down the start to the year and send sales down 17.1% in local currencies during the first half of 2010
  • Positive sales trend in the course of the year with 25% sales increase for second quarter compared with the first three months of 2010
  • The sales decline as well as the staff and infrastructure costs required for sustainable success lead to a temporary fall in EBIT (5.8 million CHF, -78.7%) and EBIT-margin (7.9%)
  • Net income thanks to proceeds from sale of stake in Polyphor at 18.8 million CHF
  • With a marked increase in sales and reduced costs, a substantially higher operating income margin is expected for the second semester

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