New Site Manager at Bachem Headquarters: Meet Frank Dettner

January 02, 2023
Bachem in Bubendorf Switzerland

• Bachem is pleased to announce that Frank Dettner will take on the role of Site Manager in Bubendorf (Basel Region, Switzerland).
• He will start his new role on January 1, 2023.
• Frank has over 12 years of expertise in the CMC environment and has gained a lot of experience implementing new, innovative technologies and automation over the past years.
• Frank Dettner succeeds Beat Sax, who will take over a new role as Lead of Strategic Initiatives in Bubendorf (CH) in 2023.

We recently sat down with Frank to learn more about his experience at Bachem and what he is looking forward to in his new role. He also gave us insights into the three areas he will focus on in the coming months.

How long have you been with Bachem? Where did you work before Bachem?

I have been with Bachem since 2009, following the conclusion of my doctoral thesis in peptide chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin. Initially, I started at Bachem Bubendorf as a group leader in Research & Development (R&D) for non-GMP products. Over the years, I held various R&D positions for GMP and non-GMP products at Bachem Bubendorf before taking over the position of Site Manager at Bachem Torrance in 2020.

What is your academic background/degrees or training?

I studied chemistry at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen (Germany). After that, I completed my doctorate in Berlin with Professor Suessmuth. I focused on organic chemistry, particularly in synthesizing natural products and peptides.

What is your preferred peptide?

There are just too many. We are working on a wide range of interesting active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for significant indications. Those projects that successfully make it from the development phase to large-scale commercial production are of particular interest. However, from an academic point of view, Interferon beta-1a is one of the most memorable for me. About ten years ago, I worked on this 166 amino acid-long glycosylated protein in the laboratory in Bubendorf.

What does innovation mean for you? Do you see Bachem as an innovative company?

Our company would not be as successful and would not have a leading role in the TIDES field today if we had not always emphasized innovation greatly. Innovation is in the DNA of our company. I firmly believe that innovation is the foundation for keeping up with new market developments and continuing to produce APIs of the highest and most consistent quality. Innovation is also essential in making Bachem an even more attractive workplace for our highly trained employees and offering our customers intelligent solutions. The innovative mindset at Bachem is why I enjoy working here so much.

What are you looking forward to in your new role as Site Manager in Bubendorf?

Bachem’s headquarters in Bubendorf is currently in a very dynamic growth phase and is undergoing a significant transformation. This transformation includes implementing innovative new technologies, important capital investment projects, new business processes, and significant organization expansion. These are, without a doubt, challenging and exciting tasks. Tackling these new opportunities together with the Bubendorf team is something I am most excited about and definitely look forward to. For me, the Bachem headquarters is a world-class center of excellence for producing peptides and oligonucleotides. It is, therefore, exciting to help shape the future of this site alongside the team in Bubendorf.

What are your top three areas of focus in the coming months?

In the first few months, I will get an overview of the project landscape in Bubendorf. I also want to understand the site priorities that have been previously set to be able to classify them in the context of our growth strategy. Although I worked at our headquarters for ten years and knew many colleagues, due to the rapid growth in the past few years, new organizational units have been introduced, and consequently, many new faces in the organization. Therefore, it is also my priority to know the team and the various stakeholders inside and outside Bachem. During this assessment phase, I will also gradually assume more responsibility. Based on the assessment, I can judge in the second quarter of 2023 whether and what changes will be required at the site and how we can continue the successful work of recent years.

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