Bachem covers the entire life cycle of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), from early discovery to research grade catalogue item, to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) grade API suitable for clinical trials and drug products and, ultimately, to a high-quality and state-of-the-art generic API.

We can fulfill your needs from a few grams to multi-kilogram to tenth of tons of generic API using different organic, Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS), Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (LPPS) or mixed peptide chemistries, from our four GMP manufacturing plants located in Europe and in the US.

With over 50 years of experience, Bachem is your innovative partner for the most sophisticated peptides and organic compounds and is ready to fully support you from development, to registration and reliable commercial supply for your next project.

What Bachem Offers

Peptide API

Bachem has established long-term contracts with important industrial partners, being a reliable, independent and financially solid company. We are proud about our many long-term supply agreements on generic API for example with AstraZeneca and Debiopharm.


AtosibanDMFReproductive MedicineCH
BivalirudinDMFCardiovascular DiseaseCH
BuserelinDMFOncology, Reproductive MedicineCH
Desmopressin AcetateCEP / DMFDiabetes InsipidusUSA
Exenatide AcetateDMFDiabetes MellitusUSA
GlucagonDMFDiabetes MellitusCH
Gonadorelin AcetateCEP / DMFOncology, Reproductive MedicineCH
Goserelin AcetateCEP / DMFOncology, Reproductive MedicineCH
Icatibant AcetateDMFHereditary AngioedemaCH
Leuprolide AcetateCEP / DMFOncologyCH
Octreotide AcetateCEP / DMFOncologyCH
SomatostatinCEP GastritisCH
Teriparatide Acetate / pTH (1-34) (human)DMFOsteoporosisUSA
TetracosactideDMFOncology, DiagnosticsCH
Triptorelin AcetateDMFOncology, Reproductive MedicineCH
Triptorelin PamoateDMFOncology, Reproductive MedicineCH
(Arg8)-VasopressinDMFDiabetes InsipidusUSA
Liraglutide*DMFDiabetes MellitusUSA/CH
Semaglutide*Diabetes MellitusCH

Small Molecule API

All small molecule API sold to tenth of tons by Bachem are manufactured in our site in Vionnaz.


Antazoline HydrochlorideDMFOphthalmologyCH
Antazoline PhosphateDMFOphthalmologyCH
Antazoline SulfateDMFOphthalmologyCH
CarbidopaCEP, DMFEpilepsy and Parkinson‘s DiseaseCH
EtomidateCEP, DMFSedatives and AnestheticsCH
PropofolCEP, DMFSedatives and AnestheticsCH



Generic APIApplication
Degarelix*Oncology & others
Glepaglutide*Short Bowel Syndrome & others
Linaclotide*IBS, Chronic constipation
Teduglutide*Short Bowel Syndrome & others
Tirzepatide*Diabetes Mellitus & others

Please note: Some products may be restricted in certain countries.

* Bachem provides this product solely for uses within the scope of any statute or law providing for an immunity, exemption, or exception to patent infringement (“Exempted Uses”), including but not limited to 35 U.S.C. § 271(e)(1) in the United States, the Bolar type exemption in Europe, and any corresponding exception to patent infringement in any other country. lt is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or user of this product, and the purchaser or user of this product agrees to engage only in such Exempted Uses, and to comply with all applicable intellectual property laws and/or regulations. The purchaser of this product agrees to indemnify Bachem against all claims in connection with the performance of the respective commercial agreement (e.g. supply agreement) and possible infringements of intellectual property rights.

Why choose Bachem?

  • Customer centricity & service – At Bachem, we strive to give our customers an all-round positive experience – no matter who they are or where they are located.
  • Innovation and technology – Technological leadership and innovative strength have been the cornerstones of our success since the very beginning of our company.
  • Operational excellence and quality – Bachem is a leading and successful global player in the business of developing and manufacturing peptides and oligonucleotides.
  • People & culture – Our employees make the difference. Representing our corporate culture of passion and commitment, they are the foundation of our success.
  • Sustainability – We are committed to sustainability by taking responsibility towards our employees, the society, and the environment.

What our customers are saying

“I truly feel comfortable selecting Bachem as API partner for our complex formulation need. Bachem always comes with innovative research which make them stand tall in this highly competitive environment. Working with Bachem, I don’t recollect any points which were not resolved and we have to go open ended for our ANDA submission, their customer service support is indeed superb. I can say that Bachem knows science, Bachem knows regulatory requirements, Bachem knows service which gives ultimate peace of mind to us and we are always confident that we tied knot with perfect API partner.”

-Kushal Shah, Manager, Amneal Pharmaceuticals.

“Frankly speaking and without flattery, we have never experienced such a great level of perfection. Instead of describing all that we have seen or read about Bachem, it is much easier to state that we returned from our visit to Bachem with the highest level of admiration.”

– Big Pharma Company

“With Bachem we have a reliable supplier at our side since many years. Bachem hasn´t only a constant in quality and experience for manufacturing in Europe but also looks for solution in difficult times. We really appreciate the cooperation between both parties.“

– European pharmaceutical company

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