Commercial NCEs

Making commercial NCEs a success

Join forces with the world’s leading peptide manufacturer – to create high-quality
new chemical entities (NCEs). Your products – and your profits – will benefit from our team’s unrivaled expertise. Right now, we’re involved in around 150 chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) development projects for NCEs.

Discover how we can turn your products into commercial success and lasting growth.

Your new winning formula

Your oligonucleotide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are in the very best hands. Our manufacturing and development technology has strong connections to peptides and through it, we can drive large-scale production of your valuable APIs.

The sophisticated tech and our continuous innovation will give you a competitive edge that lasts far beyond your exclusivity period. And with products of the highest quality, your NCEs will always be in demand.

It’s our commitment to quality that means we make almost a third of the world’s 80 peptide APIs used in commercial drugs.

Why work with us?

  • Expertise – Our team has in-depth knowledge of developing structurally complicated molecules, regulatory procedures and large-scale production.
  • Reliability – A dedicated project manager will keep the production of your NCEs on track through development, quality control and regulatory processes.
  • Focused on you – Maximize commercial success with a skilled business development manager on board.
  • Internationally approved – We’re fully GMP compliant, with facilities regularly inspected by the FDA, Swissmedic and EMA.
  • Sustainability – We know that ethical behavior and integrity are key to long-term business success, so we’re committed to improving our environmental, economic and social sustainability.

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