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Peptides and Amino Acids Labeled with Dyes and Quenchers – Excellent Performance

The technical and scientific requirements on fluorescent labeled probes and quenchers are manifold and high. Examples are an efficient excitation light absorption and high yield of energy emission by the donor label (dye) as well as a good energy absorption by the acceptor (quencher), in order to reach a high signal-to-noise ratio. This is particularly important under physiological conditions, where often only low dye concentrations can be used. Furthermore, the dyes should have a high photo-stability, in order to minimize bleaching caused by exposure with high light intensities, used for example in microscopy. The choice of the best fluorescent dye and quencher often suffers cost constraints, since proprietary dyes, which can fulfill the scientific requirements, usually are expensive.

Bachem extended its product portfolio by peptides labeled with Tide Fluor™ dyes and, optional, Tide Quencher™ from our newest partner, AAT Bioquest, Inc. These combine the cost advantages of classic fluorescent tags with the performance of proprietary dyes, or even outperform the latter in the relevant characteristics.

Our custom peptide synthesis team will be pleased to advise you on the custom peptide modification of your dye labeled peptides.

Tide Fluor™ Dyes

  • Efficient absorption of excitation light from common light sources
  • Significantly stronger fluorescence, than most conventional or proprietary dyes
  • Significantly higher photo-stability, than most conventional or proprietary dyes

Tide Fluor™ dyes and Tide Quencher™ dye labeled peptides are available as:

  • Carboxylic acids
  • Maleimido-, azido- and alkyne- derivatives
  • Active esters (NHS)
  • Amines

Furthermore, Tide Fluor™ dyes are available with improved water solubility (TFWS).

A product overview can be found in Table 1 and Table 2.

Table 1: Tide Fluor™ products and recommended pairs with Tide Quencher™
Tide Fluor™Spectral range compatible to
Alexa Fluor® 488, FAM and FITC
Alexa Fluor® 555 and Cy3
TF4Alexa Fluor® 594, ROX and Texas Red®
TF5WSAlexa Fluor® 647 and Cy5
TF6WSAlexa Fluor® 680, Cy5.5 and IRDye® 700
TF7WSAlexa Fluor® 750, Cy7 and IRDye® 800
TF8WSIRDye® 800
Table 2: Compatibility of Tide Fluor™ versus other dyes

Tide Quencher™ Labels for FRET Purposes

For optimum results in FRET analysis, the Tide Fluor™ dyes should be combined with the proprietary quenchers of the Tide Quencher™ (TQ) range. The emission spectra of the Tide Fluor™ dyes have a great overlap with the excitation spectra of the recommended Tide Quencher™ acceptors (Table 1), leading to an efficient quenching process.

Also in comparison to the majority of classic and proprietary quenchers, Tide Quencher™ labels have:

  • Significantly higher absorption strength
  • Superior quenching efficiency

Like Tide Fluor™ dyes, Tide Quencher™ labels are available with improved water solubility (TQWS).

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