Custom Peptide Synthesis

Get more from your vital research with custom peptides that reliably provide quality, time after time.Your needs come first, whether you want cost-effective peptides for life science, drug discovery or in vitro diagnostics.

And you can trust our custom peptides, which are backed by years of expertise, market-leading resources and a rigorous quality management system. All you need to do is focus on pioneering new innovations.

Meeting your needs, every step of the way

Any purity level – from crude to ≥ 97%. Any scale – from mg to kg. Anything you need.

We produce customized solutions to meet any aliquoting requirements, from simple to long, challenging sequences.

And if you need your custom peptides urgently, we even offer express delivery.


Precisely the peptides you need

Fluorescent labels, multiple disulfides and stable isotopes are just some of our specialties. We offer a huge range of modifications, including N-terminal, C-terminal and backbone peptides:

  • Acetylation, formylation, acylation
  • Amidation
  • Biotinylation
  • Branched peptides
  • Chromogenic and fluorogenic carboxypeptidase substrates
  • Clickable peptides
  • Conjugation to polymers
  • Conjugation to proteins: BSA, KLH, OVA
  • Conjugation to small molecules (including imaging agents)
  • Cyclizations, head to tail and side chain (lactam bridge, thioether)
  • Dye labeled peptides
  • Hydrocarbon-stapled peptides
  • Incorporation of chelating moieties such as DOTA, DPTA
  • Incorporation of fluorophores or chromophores
  • Incorporation of D-enantiomers and unusual amino acids
  • Introduction of C-terminal alcohol and aldehyde moieties
  • Introduction of C-terminal ester and thioester groups
  • Labeling with stable isotopes
  • Labeling with Tide FluorTM and Tide QuencherTM
  • Ligations
  • Lipidation
  • Maleimido peptides
  • Methylation, alkylation
  • Multiple disulfide bond formation
  • Phosphorylation and sulfation
  • Retro-inverso peptides
  • Stabilizing modifications including PEGylation, N-methylated amino acids and reduced peptide bonds


Higher levels of purity will require additional production efforts and time. Our recommendations are:

>95%NMR studies
Crystallography studies
Peptides used as reference in final quantitative studies
Enzyme-substrate studies
Receptor-ligand interaction studies
Blocking and competition assays
90-95%Production of monoclonal antibodies
Enzyme-substrate studies (quantitative)
Receptor-ligand interaction studies (quantitative)
Blocking and competition assays
ELISA and RIA (quantitative)
In vivo/in vitro studies
>80%Western blotting studies (non-quantitative)
ImmunogradeProduction of polyclonal antibodies
>65%Determination of the titer of antibodies in standard ELISA

Why work with us?

  • Reliability – You’ll receive high-quality custom peptides produced by experts and checked against the highest quality standards.
  • Tailored service – Your requirements become our requirements: we’re built on first-rate customer service.
  • Innovation – We never stop looking for innovative ways to help you achieve more.
  • Internationally approved – Your peptides will be produced in GMP-compliant facilities, which are inspected by the FDA, EMA and Swissmedic.
  • Sustainability – Know that you’re improving the sustainability of your supply chain – by working with a business striving to improve its social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Custom peptide synthesis

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Bachem offers comprehensive custom synthesis services to life scientists and researchers worldwide including the synthesis of custom peptides and organic compounds.

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