Seeking a trusted CDMO partner to champion your project? Bachem’s Project Management (PM) team is here to deliver precisely what your company needs. Recognising the uniqueness of your project, our seasoned leaders provide dedicated support and close collaboration every step of the way. 

With industry-leading PM methodologies, we meticulously analyse, monitor, and drive your project towards successful completion and commercialisation. Let us be your strategic ally to bring your vision to life. Partner with Bachem today, and let’s transform your ideas into reality together.

Unlocking Success: Bachem’s Project Management Solutions

Unlock the benefits of partnering with Bachem, where our dedicated department boasts nearly 30 expert Project Leaders (PLs) ready to manage your projects globally. By working with us, you can benefit from:


  • Access to top-tier professionals with advanced degrees, including PhDs and PM certifications.
  • Extensive industry experience covering small Biotechs to large pharmaceutical organisations.
  • Enhanced communication and understanding with our culturally diverse team fluent in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi and Japanese.
  • Continuous development and innovation through the integration of our training platform.

Bespoke guidance 

Experience the tailored benefits of Bachem’s project management approach, where each project is guided by a dedicated Project Leader (PL) offering comprehensive support, including:


  • Strategic guidance in decision-making and CMC strategy development, achieving optimal outcomes.
  • Skillful leadership of cross-functional project teams, effectively mitigating challenges along the way.
  • Ongoing communication and stakeholder management throughout the entire project lifecycle.
  • Comprehensive project planning, monitoring, and reporting, keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Efficient organisation and moderation of team meetings, fostering exceptional collaboration and team progress.
  • Seamless coordination of project-related activities and tasks, ensuring timely delivery and quality results.

Streamline your processes

Bachem’s Project Management department offers a rich toolbox of processes and solutions tailored to your company’s requirements, including:

  • Project management guide: A comprehensive resource to streamline project execution and optimise outcomes.
  • Checklists for CMC strategy development: Facilitating the creation of best-in-class strategies that align with your goals.
  • Tailor-made templates: Optimised for development projects, including MS project plans, risk evaluations, communication plans, and goal-setting tools, saving time and effort.
  • Communication platforms: Collaborate seamlessly with joint teamwork and data sharing facilitated through platforms like SharePoint and MS Teams, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Driving success for you


Ultimately, Bachem’s Project Leaders are dedicated to making your projects a resounding success, ensuring timely delivery and exceeding your expectations. With a focus on patient wellbeing, we accelerate the journey from development to market, bringing essential pharmaceuticals to those in need. 

Our expert leaders guarantee seamless collaboration across teams, effectively managing activities and addressing unforeseen hurdles. And by closely tracking progress and goals, we keep your project on course, while also exploring opportunities beyond drug substance manufacturing to maximise impact and innovation. 

Trust Bachem to drive your projects towards success and beyond.

    Why work with us?

    • Customer-centric excellence: We prioritise your success, offering top-tier products and fostering enduring partnerships based on trust and reliability.
    • Innovation & value: Our relentless pursuit of innovation means that we deliver value across all facets of our operations, keeping you ahead in a dynamic industry.
    • Uncompromising quality: With the highest manufacturing standards, we guarantee flawless quality, safeguarding the integrity of your products.
    • Dedicated team: Our passionate and solution-oriented team delivers reliable results with a hands-on approach.

    Sustainability commitment: We uphold ethical standards and continuously improve our social, economic, and environmental performance for long-term success.

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