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It is our pleasure to introduce our brand new online shop with enhanced functionality for order placement. You will benefit from savings by placing your orders online and the discount program for catalog products is now even more attractive than before. You will receive cumulative discounts for over 13'500 pack items available from stock, which are usually shipped within one to two business days out of our distribution centers in the USA and in Europe. Open your account today, explore the Largest Shop of Peptides at and enjoy online offerings:

Online Order Discount


When ordering online your benefits are: 


  • receiving information of the product availability and access to literature 
  • a general discount of 7% for online orders
  • choose your preferred payment method: invoice or credit card

Multiple Vial Discount


By ordering 2 or more vials of the same product and pack size you will benefit from our new discount program. You can save up to 25%.


Number of Vials     
% Discount



3 to 5


6 to 9


10 to 30


31 and more


Promotional Discount


Through the year we have special promotion campaigns which are introduced here. Take advantage of the savings and buy online.


Enter the promotion code at checkout to receive your savings on our new Antimicrobial and Antiviral Peptides.



*Promotion codes for catalog products might be limited to a certain product range and exclude bulk orders. One time use only. 

If you are unable to order online, please contact our sales team at or


We are constantly updating and expanding our selection of peptides, amino acid derivatives, resins, linkers and reagents to meet your needs in research. The latest product additions can be found in the New Products section.


If you require larger quantities than the package sizes indicated in the catalog, please inquire regarding your special needs. We can offer substantial discounts on larger quantities and have the capacity to produce all our catalog products in any desired scale.