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Utilize Bachem's Peptide Synthesis Expertise


  • As a pioneer in the peptide industry, Bachem has the expertise you can rely on to produce from simple peptides to most complex and challenging molecules.
  • By choosing Bachem as your custom synthesis partner you will have access to our knowledge base of more than 45 years experience in designing and synthesizing novel peptides and related organic compounds according to customer requirements.
    -Research to commercial scale quantities
    -Non-GMP to GMP quality
    -Short peptides to small synthetic proteins
    -Peptides to peptidomimetics to complex organic molecules
    -Dye labeled peptides 

  • We are proficient in solution phase peptide synthesis and solid phase peptide synthesis, using Fmoc or Boc chemistries.

Large Selection of Modifications (N-, C-terminal and backbone)


  • Acetylation, formylation, acylation
  • Amidation
  • Biotinylation
  • Branched peptides
  • Chromogenic and fluorogenic carboxypeptidase substrates
  • Clickable peptides
  • Conjugation to polymers
  • Conjugation to proteins: BSA, KLH, OVA
  • Conjugation to small molecules (including imaging agents)
  • Cyclizations, head to tail and side chain (lactam bridge, thioether)
  • Dye labeled peptides
  • Hydrocarbon-stapled peptides
  • Incorporation of chelating moieties such as DOTA, DPTA
  • Incorporation of fluorophores or chromophores
  • Incorporation of D-enantiomers and unusual amino acids
  • Introduction of C-terminal alcohol and aldehyde moieties
  • Introduction of C-terminal ester and thioester groups
  • Labeling with stable isotopes
  • Ligations
  • Lipidation
  • Maleimido peptides
  • Methylation, alkylation
  • Multiple disulfide bond formation
  • Phosphorylation and sulfation
  • Retro-inverso peptides
  • Stabilizing modifications including PEGylation, N-methylated amino acids and reduced peptide bonds


When your project requirements advance from research scale to process development and cGMP manufacturing, Bachem is ready to support you with our framework of cGMP production facilities and dedicated regulatory affairs staff.

For more information on these services, please download our brochure Bachem Peptide Guide or our flyers Custom Synthesis and Fluorescent Peptides and Amino Acids.