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Calculate the Peptide Content

The peptide content is the amount of pure peptide (net weight) in a product and a lot specific value, because it depends on the purity and assay (content) of the lot.

The peptide calculator uses the analytical data which are documented in the respective Analytical data sheet (ADS) for Bachem’s products as shown in this example.

Please enter the values for purity (%), assay (%) and the weight (mg) of the sample and the net weight will be calculated*.

Number of decimal places

Mass, Volume and Concentration

For the preparation of solutions the relative molecular mass (stated in the ADS) is needed to calculate the amount of solvent or sample and the concentrations of solutions (molarity).

Use Purity and Assay as entered above.Calculation is less accurate!
Use 100% for Purity and Assay.

Please choose which parameter you wish to calculate**.

  • Volume info
  • Concentration info
  • Weight info
Number of decimal places

*For equations and rules used for the calculations please refer to the technical details page. For details on gross and net weight, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

** I.E. Choose "Volume” to calculate how much solvent you need to prepare a solution of a specific concentration with a given quantity of lyophilized peptide.

Now that you have your results

Be sure to check our technical note Care and Handling of Peptides, which gives you detailed information on how to best prepare solutions of your Bachem product.