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In this section you can download scientific posters from our participations at various meetings.


Deletion Sequences in Fmoc SPPS - Root Cause Analysis and Prevention Strategies
F.Hofmann, G.Sambeth, F.Dettner and R.Schönleber
Poster published by Bachem (2017)
(pdf, 2 MB)
Formation of Cyclo(-Xaa-Asp)-Yaa Peptides
A Novel Side Reaction in Fmoc-SPPS: Formation of Cyclo(-Xaa-Asp)-Yaa Peptides
D. Samson and G. Loidl
Poster published by Bachem (2011)
(pdf, 2 MB)
1H 13C-HSQC HR-MAS NMR as a Tool for Investigating the Quality of Fmoc-AA-Wang Resins for SPPS
C.Staehelin, F.Dick, S.Ferrari and D.Rentsch
Poster published by Bachem (2009)
(pdf, 709 KB)
Optimized Coupling Protocols for the Incorporation of Cys Derivatives during Fmoc-SPPS
G.Loidl, F.Dick, M.Mergler and R.O.Schoenleber
Poster published by Bachem (2007)
(pdf, 116 KB)
Purification of Sparingly Soluble Peptides by Temporary Solubilization
F.Dick, M. Mergler, G. Loidl, R.Schönleber and T.Vorherr
Poster published by Bachem (2006)
(pdf, 3 MB)
Enantiomerically Pure H-Arg-Z-2-Aldehyde Diethylacetal
F.Dick, J.Gerhardt, B.Jakobi, B.Sax, J.Schwindling and C.Staehelin
Poster published by Bachem (2005)
(pdf, 344 KB)
Base-Induced Glutarimide Formation During Fmoc-Based SPPS
M.Mergler and F.Dick
Poster published by Bachem (2004)
(pdf, 89 KB)
Systematic Investigation of the Aspartimide Problem
M.Mergler, F.Dick, B.Sax, P.Weiler and T.Vorherr
Poster published by Bachem (2001)
(pdf, 135 KB)
Coupling Methods for Fmoc-His-Trt--OH Resulting in Minimal Racemization
M.Mergler, F.Dick and T.Vorherr
Poster published by Bachem (2001)
(pdf, 87 KB)