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Manufacturing Capabilities

Bachem is the world's sole peptide full service provider, comprising

  • 6 production sites located in the U.S. and in Europe
  • ISO 13485 certified manufacturing sites in Vista, U.S. and St. Helens, United Kingdom
  • Research level production on both continents
  • Full cGMP manufacturing and regulatory support both in the U.S. and in Europe
  • Capacity to produce from milligram amounts for preclinical work up to tons of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)  
  • Manufacturing of key intermediates in ton quantities
  • Production of small molecule generics and New Chemical Entities (NCEs) in multiple tons

Our cGMP production sites in Bubendorf (Switzerland), Vionnaz (Switzerland), Torrance (USA) and Vista (USA) are inspected and approved by the FDA and local authorities.

Bachem's manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet current and future customer needs with respect to synthetic strategy (i.e. solid phase peptide synthesis, solution phase peptide synthesis, hybrid strategies). Thanks to our multi-purpose equipment, we can accommodate a wide range of chemical reactions and are expert in the synthesis of complex organic compounds.

  • Protecting groups (i.e. Boc, Fmoc, and Z)
  • Purification strategy (i.e. preparative HPLC, conventional chromatography, ion exchange, size-exclusion chromatography, counter-current distribution)
  • Flexibility and upscaling (i.e. reactors up to 6'400 liters)
  • Special customer request (i.e. dedicated production lines)
  • Special equipment (i.e. electrolysis unit, high-pressure equipment, loop reactor)