vision and strategy

Vision, Mission and strategic foundations

The world’s leading company in developing and manufacturing peptides and oligonucleotides. The most trusted and reliable partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. A key contribution to the discovery and development of innovative medicines that help to treat, and even cure, patients for a variety of diseases. A great place to work for team-minded people who want to make an impact. That is our vision at Bachem.

Our mission is to make this claim reality: We aim to be the world-leading specialist in peptides and oligonucleotides with an unmatched market position, sales north of CHF one billion and strong profitability for independence and to attract and develop the most engaged and skilled workforce in our field.

Bachem has identified five strategic foundations for this journey and set corresponding goals for the coming years.
At Bachem, we stand for long-term partnerships and excellent service. Innovation and technological leadership are as important to us as highest quality and operational excellence. Our passionate and dedicated employees, along with our unique corporate culture, are the foundation of our success. Together, these elements provide a direction for how we want to grow, develop profitably, invest and become ever more sustainable in our business and underline our ambition for market leadership and independence. We break these down with clear priorities every year. In particular, the combination of our five strategic foundations sets us apart from the competition.

People & Culture

At Bachem, we believe that our employees make the difference. Representing our corporate culture of passion and commitment, they are the foundation of our success. We therefore strive to attract, retain, and develop highly motivated, well-qualified individuals. Bachem offers a wide range of professional development and further training opportunities as well as a competitive remuneration and incentive system. Our own apprenticeship center provides first-class industrial training in various apprenticeships. We guarantee equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, or nationality, and we do not tolerate any discrimination.

Our unique corporate culture is characterized by a spirit of partnership, both within the company and with other stakeholders. Openness and a pronounced team spirit are at the forefront. We are enthusiastic about technology and constant innovation and at the same time proud of our reliability and our solution oriented, hands-on mentality. Enabling our customers to bring medical advances and new innovative treatments to patients is the motivation that drives us every day.

Innovation & Technology

At Bachem, technological leadership and innovative strength have been the cornerstones of our success since the very beginning of our company. We are passionate about innovation with a strong focus on realizing value in all areas of the company. We strive for technology and cost leadership, business excellence and highest quality of our products and services for our customers. In the field of technology and innovation, Bachem clearly sets industry standards.

Our tailored innovation management approach encourages and empowers all employees to come up with new ideas and drive their implementation. We are committed to continuous improvement to increase efficiency in our daily work, implement more efficient business processes along the entire value chain and scout for new manufacturing technologies. The breeding ground for innovation is our corporate culture, that is positive and open to curiosity, creativity, and change.


At Bachem, we are committed to sustainability by taking responsibility towards our employees, the society, and the environment. We are convinced that ethically correct behavior and integrity are essential for long-term business success and therefore continuously monitor and improve our social, economic, and environmental performance. We make an important contribution to society by working daily to help our customers achieving breakthrough medical advances that transform patients’ lives.

Bachem operates a CSR management system based on the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and our Code of Conduct. We have maintained our commitment to the chemical industry’s voluntary Responsible Care® program for more than two decades to achieve excellence in sustainability and we continuously improve our manufacturing processes following the principles of Green Chemistry.

Customer Centricity & Service

At Bachem, we strive to give our customers an all-round positive experience – no matter who they are or where they are located. We offer the highest quality products and services in the industry and we stand for trusting and long-standing partnerships. Our customers appreciate our broad knowledge, experience, and expertise in the entire field of development and production of peptides and oligonucleotides. Our comprehensive analytical skills and our regulatory track record pave the way to smooth approval. We are known for the diligence and reliability of our work as well as for our responsiveness.

With a broad range of equipment of all sizes at multiple GMP production locations, we are able to synthesize peptides and oligonucleotides at any scale required by our customers with short delivery times and uncompromising quality. Compliance and confidentiality are guaranteed in all phases of our work and at all times. We embrace challenges and we always aim to find the best solution for our customers and their projects.

Operational Excellence & Quality

At Bachem, we are a leading and successful global player in the business of developing and manufacturing peptides and oligonucleotides. In this dynamic growth market, we will continue to expand our strong market position and further develop our business profitably. Financially independent, we strive to be a reliable partner for all our stakeholders through an effective and efficient yet innovative and agile organization. We have clear and ambitious goals, which we pursue and successfully implement together as a team. We are creating new jobs and constantly expanding our capacity to be well prepared for all growth opportunities.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology business requires stringent manufacturing standards and demands absolute perfection in quality. Bachem therefore complies with the latest GMP standards of regulatory authorities worldwide and strives for outstanding quality in all areas as the basis for top performance and new developments. “Quality Matters” is not only a key factor for our success, but also part of the company’s deepest conviction. We have lived up to this commitment to the highest quality in products and services since our company was founded. It goes without saying that we comply with all data protection rules and confidentiality obligations and manage this through a reliable information security system.


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