OPT Boston (Oligonucleotide and Precision Therapeutics)

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OPT Boston (Oligonucleotide and Precision Therapeutics)

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OPT Congress provides a unique opportunity to discuss advances in next-generation oligonucleotide therapies throughout the drug development process. It brings together leading discovery and development scientists, CMC and regulatory experts, and technology providers, to help you optimize drug design and delivery, streamline manufacturing and regulatory issues and accelerate time to market.

Bachem is a Sponsor of this event and will give a Podium Presentation on Day Two, Track: Oligonucleotide CMC & Regulatory Strategies, 10:00 am.

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Joe Fraone, Business Development Manager, Oligonucleotides

Turning Tides Together: Oligonucleotide Manufacturing at Bachem​

by Joe Fraone
Business Development Manager, Oligonucleotides
Bachem known as the leading CMO for pharmaceutical grade peptides is expanding its technology platform to offer chemical manufacturing services for nucleic acid based APIs. We would like to take the opportunity to present Bachem’s capabilities as the first CMO servicing the global TIDES market.

Wednesday, March 16, 10:00 am, in C2:Oligonucleotide CMC & Regulatory Strategies track

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