Counterfeit product

Dear Customer

We have credible evidence to believe that a substance masquerades as a Bachem or Bachem BioScience product is being distributed in the Toronto, Canada area. A report has been filed with the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigation.

  • The substance is identified as (IGF1 LR3) for research. Despite a reference on the package to the official Bachem website,, this is a substance that Bachem does not manufacture or distribute.
  • The substance within the packaging is unknown.
  • None of Bachem’s research products are intended for human usage.
  • If you are in possession of this substance or become aware of the distribution of such substance, please contact us immediately. Under no circumstances should you use or distribute this substance.

We recommend verifying the shipping addresses, postmarks, or other materials indicating that the product comes from a trusted entity or source (e.g. a certified distributor).

Please feel free to contact us any time, if you have any question regarding the origin of your product and/or require certified copies of your purchase.

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