Meet Bachem: Pascal Hess, Group Leader Generics – Portfolio

Meet the Bachem team

What is your official job title at Bachem?

My official job title is Group Leader Generics – Portfolio.

How long have you been with Bachem?

I have been working for Bachem since August 2019 and joined the company as a Sales Manager for Generics.

Picture of Pascal Hess

Where did you work before Bachem?

Previously, I worked in the CMO as well as the chemical industry.

Briefly, what do you do at Bachem?

My team and I are responsible for the sales of generic APIs within the assigned territories and to find new customers. Normally, the job also contains travel activities to have the best support towards our customers and to strengthen the business relationship with them.

What is your academic background?

I am an organic chemist by training and obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Basel.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy spending time in nature, being with my family and friends, doing sports like hiking, bouldering, scuba diving and snowboarding as well as travelling.

What is your business motto?

Be positive-minded, flexible, creative and solution-oriented.

What do you like most about your job?

Frankly speaking, I like the fact that every day is different and the various interactions which I have with different customers to discuss all kind of topics on a daily basis.

What does Innovation mean for you? Do you see Bachem as an innovative company?

Innovation is essential for the growth of a company and to ensure the competitiveness. For me it means creativity, being novel and finding unexpected solution. Bachem is definitely an innovative company, it’s changing and turning ideas into solutions that adds values from a customer’s perspective.

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